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Corporate governance


The following sections explain how the Company applies the main provisions set out in the 2014 UK Corporate Governance Code, (the Code) issued by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), as required by the Listing Rules of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and meets the relevant information provisions of the Disclosure and Transparency Rules of the FCA.

The statement of corporate governance covers:

  • the structure and role of the Board and its committees;
  • relations with the Company’s shareholders and the Annual General Meeting (AGM); and
  • the reports of the Audit Committee and Nomination Committee including Board effectiveness and evaluation.

The report of the Remuneration Committee is set out separately in the Directors’ Remuneration Report on pages 53 to 84.

The Group’s risk management and internal control framework and the principal risks and uncertainties are described on pages 18 to 20. The Directors’ Report on pages 48 to 51 also contains information required to be included in this statement of corporate governance.

Statement of compliance

The Code sets out the principles and provisions relating to good governance of UK listed companies and can be found on the FRC’s website at https://frc.org.uk.

We are pleased to confirm that, for the year under review, the Company has complied fully with the principles and provisions of the Code

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