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Corporate responsibility

Responsibility in action

Paperless environment

As an online business, our culture emphasises a paperless environment. We also recognise that our responsibilities do not stop with how we operate internally; we encourage all our customers, business partners and suppliers not to unnecessarily print out emails sent by us in the signature of all our emails. We also continue to focus on streamlining processes and replacing paper-based services with online services and communications, wherever possible. Steps introduced in recent years include e-communications to shareholders and online customer membership forms and product documentation. 

Charitable activity

We continue to encourage all our employees to devote time and fundraising efforts to charitable causes that are of particular importance to them as individuals. During 2016 many of our staff have been active in raising money or supporting fundraising activities across a wide range of charities for which Rightmove matches the donations raised. In 2016 we contributed £18,000 to UK charities through matched funding. Our employees are also able to donate directly from their monthly salary to any charity or recognised good cause registered within the UK through the Charities Trust. This provides a tax efficient means of giving.

In 2016, we contributed £49,000 to support customer initiatives via Agents Giving, where we contribute to the costs of setting up a charitable activity carried out by our customers, for example paying for the kit to be used by participants in a charity run or cycling event. This allows for more of the money raised by our customers to go directly to the charity through a charitable sponsorship fund we set up with Agents Giving in 2014. We were delighted that during 2016, Agents Giving achieved the milestone of raising over £1 million for a number of charitable initiatives supported by our customers.

In November 2016, we invited ten young people from the Prince’s Trust to attend four weeks’ work experience at Rightmove to learn about the business and the career opportunities on offer. The experience was very rewarding for the young people who enjoyed the lively family atmosphere and for the many Rightmovers who were involved in organising and delivering the work experience. The collaboration has resulted in three young individuals being offered a three-month internship within Rightmove. During the year Rightmove contributed £25,000 to the Prince’s Trust.