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Corporate responsibility

Investing in our employees

Our people

Our people are our most valued asset, they are vital to Rightmove’s success and growth and we are proud of the mixture of talent and experience they bring. Our open and honest cultural style comes from our people and the environment we have created together. We strive to make Rightmove a great place to work and this enables us to attract and retain the best talent and provide the best service for both our customers and consumers.  


Recruiting the right talent continues to be an important part of our ability to drive growth. The tightening job market, particularly in technology skills makes our working environment and benefits ever more important in attracting the right people.  

Referrals from existing employees are a valuable source of new recruits, typically ensuring a higher quality candidate with a better cultural fit. All new vacancies are communicated internally to give our colleagues an opportunity to apply or recommend someone. In 2016 10% of new employees were introduced to Rightmove by an existing employee.  

We continued our successful partnership with MK College and the University of Bedford which offers paid internships to design students for up to six months and provides graduates with valuable work experience in marketing or design. Five out of six interns who joined us in 2015 became permanent employees during the year and a further four interns joined Rightmove in 2016, of whom two are now permanent. Our intern programme will continue to run in 2017 and so far we have eight new interns including three from our involvement with the Prince’s Trust, details of which can be found in the charitable activities section below.

The high quality of our recruiting, supported by long term commitment from Rightmove employees is key to the success of our culture. We are proud to have 51 people who have celebrated ten or more years’ service, which represents over 10% of our employees and which we believe backs up our impressive people survey results. 

People development and training

To support our culture of highly connected and empowered employees every new employee attends two office based ‘How Rightmove fits together’ days to introduce them to the business and our customers. They also attend ‘Nexton’ an off-site residential experience to introduce employees to our culture and values.

Beyond induction, Rightmove is committed to investing in our employees through extensive training and leadership programmes that are designed to equip them with the necessary skills to perform to the best of their ability and provide the best possible service to our customers and consumers. 

We have also developed a suite of internal development courses for our employees covering both technical and non-technical skills to further invest in our people and in recognition of the benefit in providing continual professional and personal development for Rightmovers. In 2016, a new set of customer-focussed training was rolled out, including how to communicate effectively by email and telephone.

Employee Benefits

Whilst we believe that being a great place to work helps us attract the best talent we also reward our employees with a range of additional benefits.

Rightmove contributes towards a group stakeholder pension plan. Opt out rates continue to be low and currently 90% of employees are members of the pension plan. We also offer private healthcare complemented by a cash plan scheme for all employees.

We want our people to directly benefit from their contribution to the success of Rightmove. All employees can join the Group’s Save As You Earn Scheme (Sharesave), which allows employees to save money from their salary with the option to purchase shares at a discount after three years. In November 2016, the Group’s eighth Sharesave contract matured allowing employees to benefit from the continued success of the Group over the last three years. 66% of our employees currently participate in Sharesave.

Following the launch of the Rightmove Share Incentive Plan (SIP) and initial award of shares in 2015, in January 2016 we made a further free share award of 50 shares to all qualifying employees.  We have also made a free share award of 50 shares to all qualifying employees in January 2017. 

We also offer flexible working arrangements, supporting part time working and reduced hours to allow our employees to balance their work and family commitments. 


We encourage employees’ involvement and place emphasis on keeping employees informed of the Group’s activities through ‘townhalls’ and business performance updates with senior management and quarterly sales conferences.

Our employee recognition scheme is based around the ‘Rightmove behaviours’, which reflect our unique blend of values and ways of working. It is an opportunity to nominate colleagues who have demonstrated these behaviours in action and during 2016 it continued to prove popular with up to eight awards presented every two months at our ’townhalls’.

As it is important to know what our employees think, and having received much valuable feedback in the past, we conduct an annual ‘Have your Say’ people survey.  We are proud of another set of outstanding results from the survey with highlights including:

  • 90% of respondents think that Rightmove is run on strong values and principles;
  • 95% of respondents think this is a great place to work and are proud to work for Rightmove; and
  • 97% of respondents are committed to making a real contribution to the success of Rightmove.

Despite the outstanding results, the management team is never complacent and works hard to improve the employee experience at Rightmove. An employee engagement score will again form part of the senior management bonus criteria in 2017, demonstrating the importance of employees to the continuing success of Rightmove.

Equality and diversity

Rightmove has a firm commitment to equality of opportunity in all our employment policies, practices and procedures.  Our recruitment and selection processes are geared to selecting the best candidate regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, full or part-time status, disability and marital status.

We recognise that a diverse workforce will provide a wide range of perspectives that promotes innovation and business success. Drawing on what is unique about individuals adds value to the way we do business and helps us anticipate and provide what our customers want from us and what the home hunters want from the Rightmove platforms.

As at 31 December 2016, our female representation on the Board was 33%, with three out of nine Board directors being female. Following the planned retirement of Colin Kemp in May 2017, this will rise to 38%

The Board continues to focus on the next level of senior management in order to develop potential within this team to step up to Board level at the appropriate time.  It is also important to identify and develop potential within the wider organisation with a view to strengthening the female representation within the senior management team. In 2016, 18% (2015: 24%) of our senior management team were female.  Rightmove has a small senior management team and therefore the loss of just one female manager can have a big impact on female representation in this group. We are proud that the rest of our workforce now equally represents men and women.

Human rights

Whilst Rightmove does not have a specific human rights policy, it does have policies covering Equal Opportunities, Anti-slavery and Anti-bribery that adhere to internationally proclaimed human rights principles. There is also a gifts and hospitality policy and an online register to record all gifts and hospitality that are accepted by employees. This register is reviewed by the Audit Committee annually

Health and safety

The Group considers the effective management of health and safety to be an integral part of managing its business. During 2016, we continued our fire safety, first aid and work place safety training. The Group’s ongoing policy on health and safety is to provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from work activities. This is delivered through further consultation with, and training of, employees, the provision and maintenance of plant and equipment, safe handling and use of all substances and the prevention of accidents and causes of ill health.