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Our culture

We are a successful business and proud to be the UK’s number one property website. Our achievements are not just the result of our teams working incredibly hard; they’re also the result of employing passionate people.

We like to think we’ve created somewhere that’s a little different to most companies (although most of us have been here so long, we’ve forgotten what the real world is like!).  We think that how we work is as important as what we work on. So that means that everyone can (and is expected to) speak up about the things they think we do well, the things we can do better and the ideas they’ve got. There is an open plan office environment at rightmove and you’re just as likely to have the CEO sit next to you as your team mates – everyone is keen to know what you think!

But it’s not just about talking, we expect everyone to commit to things and take personal responsibility and make things happen.

It seems straightforward to us, empowering our people with ownership and responsibility means it’s possible for everyone to make a positive difference to everything they get involved in.

Don’t worry, getting the hang of the how is second nature to the right people (or Rightmovers as we call ourselves) and we’ve got a handy list of behaviours we expect, just to remind us! These behaviours form a common language throughout the business and the basis for our induction programme, on-going coaching and development. We recognise and welcome diverse backgrounds but our behaviours and approach provide the commonality that, along with a passion to innovate through ideas and technology helps to unify our efforts towards maintaining and extending our market leader position. Lots of companies put their values and behaviours on posters – we live ours.