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At rightmove we are always on the lookout for talented individuals.

We look for those individuals who are not only talented but are committed to making a positive difference to everything they get involved in. Everyone who joins us understands the vital role they play in their teams and is committed to achieving that goal. Working for Rightmove means solving some of the biggest challenges in property, technology and customer experience for one of the UK’s most successful businesses.

If you are interested in joining one of our teams, please take a look at our vacancies below and send us your CV to Joinus@rightmove.co.uk with the job title as the subject.

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Getting to know each other

How do I apply to join Rightmove?
Our website is updated regularly with all our open positions. If you find a position of interest please send your CV to Joinus@rightmove.co.uk with the job title in the subject.

What should I include in my application?
When applying please include your cv, covering letter and portfolio (if required), plus any links to personal websites which showcase your work.

How many people work at Rightmove?
We are constantly growing. At present we have 485 Rightmovers.

Do I need to speak and write in English fluently to work at Rightmove?
Yes. English is our business language, so it’s important you are comfortable and confident with speaking and writing in English.

Getting to know you – application process

What happens once I apply?
Your cv will be screened against skills required for the role. We will then create a shortlist and you will be invited for interview. Dependent upon the role you are applying for you may be required to take a technical test.

Meeting each other – the interview process

What should I wear for the interview?
We are a casual environment; it’s more important to us what you say than what you wear. So it’s up to you how you create the first impression.

How do I prepare for my interview?
We seek people who have a genuine interest and passion in our business. Our interview process is challenging!  The key is you know enough about us to have an informed opinion. You may want to research our competitors, speak to our customers and read about the property industry.

Who will I be interviewed by?
You will be interviewed by HR, your future manager and colleagues.

How long will the interview take?
An interview may range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. You can expect to have one telephone interview and up to two face to face interview, sometimes we have a few more interviews.

Can I apply for other roles once I join?
We seek to grow our talent; we communicate all our roles internally and seek to match individual career desires to business requirements.

We also have a ‘Refer a Friend scheme’, where if you successfully refer someone for a role and they are successful you will receive £1,000.

How you will be developed

You are in control of your career at Rightmove. You will be challenged in your role by a steady stream of new ideas and technologies being introduced which our demanding customers require and we are delighted to provide. You need to have the confidence to push yourself, to learn on the job and cope with the challenges provided to you.

We want Rightmovers to be continuously developing themselves.  So, along with your self motivation to create and explore opportunities we will provide you with all the support you need to help you develop and grow your career at Rightmove.

We offer all employees opportunities to develop from on the job coaching and mentoring through to professional qualifications.