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Shareholder FAQs

When is the next Rightmove AGM?

For information about Rightmove’s AGMs please visit the financial calendar section of our website.

What happens at an AGM?

As a shareholder, the AGM is an opportunity to vote either in person or by proxy on important matters and you may also ask the Board of Directors questions.

What should I do if I am unable to attend the AGM?

If you are unable to attend the AGM in person you may still cast your vote on all the resolutions, by completing and returning the proxy form sent to your registered address. Alternatively you can vote electronically using the link provided in the financial calendar section of the website. Casting your vote by proxy or electronically will not prevent you from attending and voting at the AGM.

When will Rightmove report the next set of financial results?

Rightmove reports twice a year with announcements covering the six months to 30 June at the end of July and the full year to 31 December at the end of February. We also publish Interim Management Statements in May and November of each year. For key dates please visit the financial calendar.

As an alternative to paper copies can I receive the Rightmove annual report online?

Yes, you can view the latest annual report by visiting the financial reports and publications section of the website. In addition you can visit the electronic communications and registrar section of our website where you can find out how to register an email address to receive future shareholder communications and reports electronically rather than by post.

How can I receive hard copies of Rightmove financial information and annual reports?

If you still require hard copies of the annual report after viewing it online you can register to use the Capita Share Portal www.capitashareportal.com where you can set your preference to receive hard copies by post.

You can also request a hard copy of the annual report from the Company Secretary.

What is Rightmove’s cash return policy?

Our policy is return all free cash flow generated in the year to our shareholders via a combination of share buy backs and dividends.

What is Rightmove’s dividend policy?

Rightmove’s aim is to grow dividends annually in line with the increase in underlying earnings.

What is the dividend record date?

The dividend record date is the date that the Registrar refers to the register of members to prepare the dividend payment. A shareholding must be registered on this date to receive the dividend. The record date for the latest dividend can be found in the financial calendar.

When will I receive the next dividend?

When formally announced dividend payment dates can be found on our financial calendar.

Is it possible to pay my dividends directly into my bank account?

Yes it is possible to have dividends paid directly into your bank account. To initiate this form of payment please register to use the Capita Share Portal www.capitashareportal.com where you will be able to change your dividend mandate instructions.